SHEBA NAILS Gelcrylic Pro Kit


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SHEBA NAILS Gelcrylic Pro Kit Description

Sheba Nails Gelcrylic Soak-Off UV/LED Gel System is an easy way to achieve beautiful nails. Gelcrylic Gel combined with our Gelcrylic Powders are used together to give strength and durability with the ultimate shine fo your nails. Our UV/LED formulation is a soak-off gel for easy removal with pure acetone. Gel + Powder = Strength, Beauty & Durability This system offers the benefit of no odor and the double strength of two powerful products – the toughness of a powder plus the durability and gloss of gel. Easy to use and odorless – what a great combination. Two products merge to create durable nail technology. Available in a variety of colors from clear, nude, concealers and art shades. No fumes or odors means compatibility with day spas. Easy to apply method – just brush on gel and sprinkle with powder. Repeat to desired thickness and finish with gel to leave a high gloss. That’s all it takes to create nails with long lasting shine and durability. Kit includes Gelcrylic Gel 1/2oz (15ml) Clear, Gelcrylic Clear Powder 1/2oz Pack of Gel Cleansing Wipes a Primer Pen for proper nail preparation and Instructions.

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