RAUSCH Willow Bark Treatment Shampoo 200 ml


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RAUSCH Willow Bark Treatment Shampoo 200 ml Description

For problematic scalp and hair.For oily dandruff flakes with itchiness and redness also use Willow Bark Treatment Shampoo. Optimally combined valuable active ingredients from willow bark and thyme.Willow bark extract has an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and toning effect on the scalp.Thyme. Thanks to its levels of essential oils, especially thymol, thyme has good disinfecting and anti pruritic properties. This effect is enhanced by natural tannins and supports the treatment of dandruff and/or irritated scalps.For oily dandruff, itchiness and rednessOily dandruff flakes are usually larger than dry ones and they feel greasy. Their consistency means they cling firmly to both the scalp and hair. Oily flakes are generally accompanied by severe redness and an itchy scalp.Our Willow Bark SPECIAL LINE is both effective and soothing. It gives lasting relief to stressed scalps by gently eliminating oily flakes and soothing redness and itching. Furthermore, it regulates the functions of the scalp and experience proves it effectively protects against lice infestation (prevention).

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