RAUSCH Seaweed Degreasing Shampoo 200 ml


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RAUSCH Seaweed Degreasing Shampoo 200 ml Description

Gently regulates sebaceous gland activity, strengthens and prevents the hair from becoming greasy again too quickly. Tangibly refreshing. With 40 % valuable extracts of seaweed, horsetail and quillaja bark.Seaweed is rich in mineral salts, mucilages, iodine and polyphenols. It has a stimulating and regulating effect on the sebaceous glands and on the metabolism of the scalp. Horsetail is rich in natural silicic acid, which has a positive influence on the connective tissues of the scalp. Horsetail smoothes and regenerates the cuticle layer of the hair shaft. The hair is more resistant, stronger, with more elasticity and natural shine. Quillaja bark. The stately ‘soap tree’ is indigenous to South America. The peeled quillaja bark is rich in saponins. When combined with other valuable agents this intensely frothy natural substance ensures an especially mild and gentle cleansing for scalp and hair.Greasy hairThe cause of a stressed scalp and oily hair can be hormonal, climatic, hereditary or related to nutrition or stress. Too strong degreasing shampoos can overstimulate the sebaceous glands thereby leading to scalp problems. In extreme cases it can cause a bacterial infection which leads to itching.

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