Niegeloh Solingen Nail Nippers For Thick Toenails 13 cm


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Niegeloh Solingen Nail Nippers For Thick Toenails 13 cm Description

Heavy duty Solingen nail nippers for cutting thick toenails offer you second to none nail care experience. Niegeloh uses sophisticated Solingen technologies and a series of manual steps to assess each pair of nippers for perfect sharpness and cutting properties of the blades. They are capable of cutting very thick toenails with incredible ease thanks to solid blades and very strong barrel spring with soft smooth springing action. Solingen metal craftsmanship in Western Germany represents word-trusted quality known to everyone by the finest cutlery products. Initially a centre for manufacturing daggers and swords for Middle Ages armies Solingen fame has spread far beyond Germany. Today only a handful of companies are entitle to carry famous mark €œQualitat. Made in Solingen’ and Niegeloh is definitely one of the most reputable Solingen leaders in personal care. By choosing the right material for the right purpose with rigid quality control in place , Niegeloh has created a real monster for trimming thick toenails. Excellent ergonomics and very sharp cutting edges make toenail cutting easy safe and just perfect. To ensure lasting performance the nippers are coated with protective nickel coating for rust resistance and are guaranteed perform beautifully for a very long time. If you are tired of using poor quality nail cutters that go dull tear your nails and make nail care a painful task , make the change today and enjoy years of excellent pedicure rituals to present yourself in immaculate style. Manufactured by Niegeloh Solingen in Germany. Family tradition since 1936.   Niegeloh Solingen is the world leader in producing the highest quality manicure and pedicure instruments distinguished by workmanship design and function. Products made by Niegeloh Solingen are known for their ultimate quality and innovative approaches to manufacturing. When

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