Majestic Hair Botox 125ml (4oz) – Formaldehyde Free


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Majestic Hair Botox 125ml (4oz) – Formaldehyde Free Description

Majestic Hair Botox is the most advanced hair repair and straightening formula worldwide. The treatment repairs the damaged or broken hair fibers with a powerful concentrate of active ingredients including caviar oil, B5, E vitamins and collagen complex, which guarantee to moisturize, nourish, repair and revive hair right from the very first use, adding incredible shine and softness and eliminating frizz. Major benefit of the treatment is that it has the capability to repair split ends. It is impossible for hair Botox to damage hair or weaken its integrity, which is quite possible with keratin treatments that are too strong as they deliver too much protein to a client’s hair shaft. Majestic Hair Botox is formaldehyde free and formulated to be rinsed before you flat iron the hair which add more convenience to the time of the treatment and eliminate the fumes and smell unlike the ordinary keratin treatment.

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