Kronos K-Charge Volumizing Conditioner 8 fl oz.


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Kronos K-Charge Volumizing Conditioner 8 fl oz. Description

Banish limp locks Add volume to fine, thin hair with the revolutionary Kronos K-Charge Volumizing Conditioner. Our proprietary blend penetrates the hair cuticle to fortify it from the inside with a body-building formula of hydrolyzed wheat protein, camellia sinesis leaf extract, astrocaryum murumuru seed butter and T-SFERE. Limp tresses get a boost that make hair softer, thicker and more manageable without frizz or fly-away. Call on the best reparative protein conditioner Designed for limp, lifeless or thin hair, Kronos K-Charge Volumizing Conditioner contains gentle proteins that adhere to cracks along the cuticle layers. These proteins strengthen the hair shaft and attract moisture to hair strands, helping hair stay hydrated and plump. This makes hair fuller and softer to the touch. Linoleic fatty acids repair split ends, treat dry scalp and itchiness, and act as a protective barrier to environmental pollutants that damage hair. Permed or color-treated hair that is dull and lacking elasticity will especially benefit from the restorative properties of Kronos K-Charge Volumizing Conditioner. Transform thin, fine hair into thicker, fuller locks. Add protein-rich Kronos K-Charge Volumizing Conditioner to your cart today.

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