Hair Dryer Heat Shield (Black)


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Hair Dryer Heat Shield (Black) Description

Color:Black The UB Shield brings Comfort, Protection, and Peace of Mind to Your Salon Experience AND Your Hair Processing at Home Too! The UB Shield protects the Face, Ears, and Neck from heat, burns, and scorches of hairdryers, blow dryers, and hot irons! THE UB SHIELD’S MAIN FUNCTIONS: • Hairdryer heat shield • Blow dryer heat shield OTHER UBSHIELD USES: • Curling iron scorch shield • Hairspray shield • Hair holder for makeup applications/eye lash applications • Face shield for long hair styles (i.e., extensions, braids, natural styles, etc.) THE UB SHIELD FEATURES: It is made of cloth. It is elasticized, has ear cuffs, adjustable (fits children and adults), soft, comfortable, reversible, washable, and folds up for storage and transporting. HOW TO USE THE UB SHIELD: The UB Shield fits on the head in seconds. • Place it onto the user’s head below the hairline leaving all of the hair above the shield. It fans out completely around the head. • Tuck ears into the ear cuffs and connect the Velcro to close in the front or rear.

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