GERmanikure 5pc FINOX stainless steel manicure set


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GERmanikure 5pc FINOX stainless steel manicure set Description

This sleek GERmanikure manicure set comes with an assortment of elegant tools in a luxurious and supple leather case that is ideal for either a man or a woman. A perfect blend of traditional hand crafting and modern materials, each steel tool included in this set is handmade in Solingen, Germany. All manicure needs are covered from trimming to filing. This set is also well suited as a family set or as a hygienic personal set to bring to the salon. The tools in this set are crafted of the finest high carbon stainless steel and genuine Czech Republic Bohemian glass. The formulation for High Carbon Stainless Steel is precisely and carefully controlled so that the steel properties are consistent throughout. This steel is just as sharp as traditional high carbon steel and just as rust resistant as stainless steel, but it is much more durable and will never pit, crack, chip, or rust, guaranteed. The crystal glass tools are crafted of thick authentic Bohemian glass which is chemically hardened and tempered to resist breaking. As with any glass item some care should be taken, but if you drop the nail file off the table or counter by accident, it will not break. To get the longest possible tool life from these tools, we recommend that you lubricate every moving joint regularly (look for the GERmanikure lubri-pen) and if cleaning is required, use warm water, non-abrasive soap and a soft cloth. High heat or chemical bath sterilization may be used if needed, but be sure to thoroughly dry tools before storing them. GERmanikure believes in long tool life, healthful living, and good environmental stewardship. GERmanikure factories employ adults at a fair wage, recycle leftover production waste, and filter their wastewater. This set is guaranteed free from unethical workmanship such as forced labor or child labor.

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