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Dreadlocks Kit for Dreads by DreadHeadHQ Description

The Supa Dupa Dread Kit includes: * A 4oz Jar of Dread Head pro dread wax. * A 16oz bottle of Dread Head pro dread shampoo. * A 16oz Locking Accelerator * A dreading comb perfect for makin? and tighten?n natty locks. * 250 Hair elastics. * Step-By-Step dreading instructions. * Guaranteed to dread any hair! * Discounts on other stuff when you get a kit! Dreads don?t have to be dirty. Actually they don?t even like being dirty. Keeping the hair super clean and free of conditioners and other residues that lubricate the hair is the fastest and healthiest way to dread. DreadHead Dread Soap leaves nothing behind on your hair to slow down the dreading process. No oily perfumes, no dread destroying conditioners and nothing to irritate even the most sensitive of scalps. Our dread soap cleans the hair and leaves no residue behind. It actually helps your dreads tighten,(How?) because it gets the hair so clean and free of oils that the hair will bind, knot, dread, and tighten faster than it normally would. Many soaps make the claim that they clean hair, but these same soaps leave scents, conditioners, moisturizers, and other additives behind, which leave the hair far from clean. The scents, oils, and goo, in their customers hair, are evidence that these soaps are not doing a good job of cleaning. These things build up in your dreads and destroy them by lubricating the hairs, and loosening your knots. Soap that leaves residue on the scalp not only slows down the dreading process but it can cause itching and irritation on the scalp. When hair is dreaded or in braids it is a little harder to rinse well and it holds residues much better because of the way it is tightly packed together. We did not add tea tree oil, rosemary, or peppermint or any other additives to our soap to change the smell, fight dandruff, or stop itching, because these very additives leave residue behind which can build up in the dreads causing irritation.

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