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Product description What it is: Complete hand-and-nail-care in one unit; precise nail polishing and dryer. What it does: Paraffin-wax treatment for dry chapped hands. Warm wax relieves aching joint bursitis arthritis. What else you need to know: After the wax treatment nails can be held steady for the precise work of polishing in the shell-shaped covers grooves. Slip hands into a plastic liner and then into the kits soft cotton mitts. The liners (20 included) and mitts maintain the waxs temperature while it softens and moisturizes dry chapped hands and relieves aching joints as well as the symptoms of bursitis and arthritis. Amazon.com Melted paraffin offers great benefits for the hands and feet by softening and smoothing the skin as well as relieving sore muscles and joints. To begin your paraffin spa treatment, remove all packaging from the wax and place it in the tub. When the tub is plugged in and turned on, an indicator light will tell you that the unit is heating. Note: The 6-pound block of wax can take up to six hours to melt, so you may need to plan ahead! When the wax has melted and you have tested the temperature, place one hand in the wax and remove it immediately. Wait a few seconds until the paraffin no longer looks wet, and repeat the dipping process until five layers have formed. Then slip your hand into a plastic liner, which helps to retain the heat that is so beneficial for pain relief. Finally, slip your hand (or foot) into one of the cozy terry cloth mitts and relax for 10 to 15 minutes while the heat of the paraffin soothes and softens your hand. If you’re the only person using the spa, you may wish to recycle the wax after you have peeled it off your hand. Replacement wax can also be purchased separately. When treatment is finished, simply shut the unit off, allow the wax to cool, and replace the cover. The tub is then ready to be stowed. The Conair Spa enables you to give yourself salon-style treatment at home for a fraction of the cost! –Erin Brown

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