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CND Boomerang Padded File Description

CND Boomerang Buffer is a 180/180 gray grit spongy buffer for shaping and refining enhancements. Spongy foam allows the abrasive to flex eliminating flat spots. Longer lasting than traditional block buffers. CND Offers a professional alternative to the manicure tools that are found at the drugstore. Five styles of files – Hot Shot File, Kanga File, OutBlack Padded File, Blizzard File and Boomerang Padded File – let you customize, shape and smooth each nail. Four styles of buffers – Koala Buffer, Girlfriend Buffer, Glossing Buffer and Glossing Block – smooth, shape and shine nails. Be sure to fill your nail toolbox with an assortment of abrasives to cover your every nail service need. Professional-quality nail files and buffers shape, refine and finish both natural and enhanced nails. Callus Smoother is a pedicure implement for smoothing and reducing tough calluses. Dual-surface nickel abrasive sloughs and smoothes tough build-up of callused skin.

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